Why is It Important to Vacuum the Hot Tub Water

We all enjoy taking a relaxing bath in a hot tub or having fun in a pool when summer comes, however, no one would like to take a dip in a place that is dirty or unpleasant. For that reason, it is very important to perform cleaning tasks that allow us to maintain the hygiene of them.

For a quick cleaning that permits us to get rid of all those particles and waste that we do not want in the water of our tub or pool, we have the vacuum cleaners. These devices have the characteristic of being able to remove all the suspended debris on the water as well as attack the dirt that is on the bottom of the floor of our pond. To carry out this labor, vacuum cleaners for tubs or pools rely on the filtering system they have.

In this case, what is known as a manual pool-cleanser takes advantage of the suction capacity of the pump to absorb dirt from the water, walls or floors of the container and send that water to the filter to be purified and rid of waste like dust, hair, leaves and others. This process requires the installation of the bottom cleaning pipe, the flexible pipe and the clean bottom as such within the pumping and filtration system that the pool has.

There are two types of vacuum cleaners; the manual ones and the automatic ones. The first ones are those that consist of a long rod that has a vacuum head at one end and, in addition, is connected to a hose that sends water to the special compartment of the skimmer. This element allows collecting the largest debris to prevent them from reaching the pump and stagnating, it also helps to eliminate the formation of a layer of particles with the appearance of “cream” that can appear on the water due to the accumulation of dirt and fat particles. The use of those artifacts is simple since they share the design and functionality of normal vacuum cleaners, so, in this way, you only need to move them over the area to be cleaned as if you were vacuuming a floor or a carpet and that’s it.

On the other hand, automatic vacuum cleaners, or commonly known as automatic bottom cleaners, are equipment designed to operate with a minimum level of human intervention. Like the previous ones, their main function is to collect the waste that the pool water has acquired during its use, but they do most of the work by themselves considering that they consist of devices whose use is done through a mechanism of automatic drive connected to a power supply that allows them to perform the cleaning cycle and move through the pool. Those devices are ideal for containers of high dimensions such as swimming pools, although they can be adapted for being used in tubs or small pools.

It should be noted that, in the latter case, if it is intended to have an automatic system; it is very important to know the type of pump we have, since they have different parameters that can be set to determinate if they will execute filtered by aspirating or if only garbage will be vacuumed. Remember that this process will help us to prevent the formation of bacterial colonies in the water and other elements of the pool; and also, it will support us to eliminate algae and other waste to maintain its good appearance and healthiness.